Monday, September 23, 2013

Knowing When To Say When

In running as in life it's a fine line between common sense of not doing something that you suspect could blow up in your face or doing it hoping to god it dosen't blow up in your face.......
from the time I stepped off the track on Saturday afternoon my right achilles was as tender as fuck,even after my post run stretch and ice routine it still bothered me when I called it a nite at 10.30pm.....the fact it was still sore when I awoke at 8am did not bode well for my Sunday long run {10 miles} or for that matter a run of any length.

I even iced B4 my run,something I don't normally do such was the extent of the tenderness so it was no great surprise that w/in 10 strides of my run I stopped and thought better of it.
Yes I'm miffed to have to nix any run but in what had been in my opinion the best week of training since the resumption of my regular training schedule eight weeks ago this was a cruel blow but it'd have been far crueler to have either bonked on the run or made a bad situation worse so I said "enough is enough" for this week and made do w/ a 4 day 30 mile week,opting to lose a day to see another day.

W/ hindsight{such a wonderful thing I know!!} maybe I need to nix the 400m recovery jog inbetween sets of my 8x300x200x300 repeats,maybe those two extra miles on top of my four miles of repeats w/ a mile warm up and cool down is too much,in the death of winter I can't imagine wanted to be out there any longer than need be,since I do have that repeat scheduled again till October 19th I don't have to decide here and now what plan of action I need to take.
As for the upcoming week,I'll take it day by day,as yesterday wore on the tenderness subsided and in a pinch maybe I could've ran in the afternoon but again sometimes knowing when to say when is the better call than being a "mileage whore" and potentially missing days this coming week by agravating an already inflamed achilles,I've spent enough time on a PT bed both this year and 4 years ago to not heed the warning signs......

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