Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Indian Summer Sky

In the ocean cut,swim deep the sky like there I don't know why.
In the forest there's a clearing I run towards the light's a blue sky to lose along the way the     spark that set the flame,to flicker and to fade on this the longest day

Indian Summer Sky-U2

Seems like it was only last week I was lamenting the end of summer w/ the "unofficial" end of summer time Labour Day and temps of 81 and 77 degrees on Tuesday and Thursdays runs so you can imagine me doing a double take when I thought I heard them call for 90 degrees today....the pile of sweat soaked running clothes on my living room floor confirmed my hearing is good.....88 degrees,that said little humidity and frankly there's a world of difference running in 88 degs in September as there is in August w/ the humidity kickin' in,that said I suspect having to go w/ different running clothes tonite as I somehow doubt what I wore yesterday will have dried off come 4.30pm this afternoon!!!
Following Sundays "grind em till you find em" finish over the last three miles of my 10 miler I could be forgiven for going into todays 10 miler a little on the backfoot,granted envoking my rest day Monday would hopefully help recover from whatever may have been ailing me but in the back of my mind was the nagging thought that "all systems were not go" and rather than throw caution to the wind I should approach this run w/ a modicum of caution lest I have to make more changes to my week having already played my "rest day" card early in the week by sitting Monday out.

Nothing felt out of the ordinary as I set off at 4.30pm and soon found myself on the Schuylkill Banks leading to Kelly Dr and the 2 mile turn around point for  a 10 miler,just as I was reaching the turn around I saw my friend and team mate Sean Harbison running towards me.......funny I don't recall asking for a Doctor????
Sean was 4 miles into his 6 miler beginning and ending at Lloyd Hall so we ran the next 2 miles together shoot the breeze and "talking shop" ....running and hospitals "the good doctor" is leaving Temple next month to become Chief Surgeon at Penn where hopefully the prestige of his title will mean getting treated accordingly I think Temple have "taken liberties" w/ Sean over the years,how does your chief surgeon end up "on call" all the time????
Anyways "putting the world to right" for 2 miles till Lloyd Hall meant I wasn't preoccupied w/ the sweat rolling off me or worrying about a repeat of Sunday and while my knee lift and leg turn over weren't prolific I didn't have to dig deep again to see out the closing three miles a la Sunday.

W/ the weeks "long run" in the books now I can focus on shorter 8 mile runs between today and Saturday b4 taking on my 5x1,000m repeats on Sunday and hopefully putting another 5 day/40mpw in the books.

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