Friday, September 27, 2013

Spirit Willing,Flesh Weak

So much for a 4th run in 4 days,it sounded doable in theory but as is so often the case theory and practice proved yet again to be "a horse of a different colour"
If I'm being 100% honest I was already feeling a little leg weary b4 the prospect of a 10 miler last nite but I've "been there,done that,got the tshirt to prove it" where running when tired is concerned so it would have been nothing new to drag my old bones out and grind out a 10 miler.....however work chose to be a ballbreaker of epic preportion which pretty much put the tin lid on a run.
I wouldn't say we got a lot of deliveries yesterday but it's a bit of a joke to start work at 6.25am and not go to lunch till 1.40pm...... at any minute I fully expected Matthew Kelly to leap out from a stack of boxes and announce 'I'm Matthew Kelly and you're Game For A Laugh"!!!!

Of course going to lunch late meant getting back to work late which then meant leaving work late and by the time I got home at almost 4.30pm the prospect of stretching and then running 10 miles didn't exactly fill me w/ joy so I passed.
Were this a regular weekend I would be looking at my repeats on Saturday{6x600m} and a 10 miler Sunday to round out a 40 mile week,however I volunteered my services to help two of my friends move tomorrow that threw the proverbial spanner in the works,but according to Eric he thinks were only looking at a four job between 8am and 12pm so either I can hit the track for said repeats in the afternoon and then "go long"on Sunday OR go real easy over 10 miles tomorrow and then "have at it" Sunday for the "Death Cage" aka 6x600m either way that's why I'm not beating myself up over bagging last nites run.....I have the whole weekend to beat myself up over 10 miles and 6x600m....

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