Monday, September 16, 2013

Greek Tragedy Meets Morning At The Improv

Oh boy! it's been a while since I've encountered "one of those mornings" where my run is concerned but coming two days after Friday The Threeteenth maybe it was to be expected?
The fact circumstances had dictated a switch from Saturday to Sunday for my weekly reapeats should NOT have distracted me from my pre run rituals and routines and YET.........

Error number 1,at 10.24am I looked at the #34 trolley schedule.....10.29am and w/ that flew out the door and down the three flights of steps and two blocks to the trolley stop........W/OUT doing my pre run achilles stretches!!!!!!!DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I probably should've turned back and gone home to take care of them since they only take five minutes and the next trolley was scheduled at 10.49am period.....the tenderness in my achilles this morning serves as a ringing endorsement to that,also if I had of it would have eliminated error # 2.

Error number 2,knowing I have a small bladder{drink a pint,piss a gallon basically!!!}I should have made a point to hit the bathroom b4 leaving.....I didn't and lo and behold upon reaching Temple's track w/in 40 minutes of leaving my first reaction was "I need a bathroom" which is a problem at Temple since there are no restroom facilities not even a portajohn available....hard to run repeats w/ a full bladder trust me!
W/out going full blown TMI I will say I was able to alleviate the problem but it was far from ideal,note to self b4 Saturday scheduled 8x300x200x300m repeats....STRETCH & USE THE BATHROOM!!!

Oh but the hits they kept a coming! following my mile warm up I got into my repeat gear and headed over to the 200m start,I pushed the start button as I crossed the line and thought nothing of it untill I completed the opening 400m.....only to discover a stopwatch malfunction and 55 seconds showing for my opening 400m!!!!!!
As if it weren't bad enough I now couldn't get the watch to function so not only had I blown the opening 400m but now the watch woudn't allow me to reset......anything wanna go wrong this morning???
When I did eventually reset the watch I headed back over to the 200m start to try again,last time out I hoped to run 1.20 per lap w/ a 35 second 200m for 3.15 which would prove to be a tad too rich for my blood this early into my return to 5x1,000m repeats and w/ hindsight maybe 1.25 per lap w/a 40 second 200m would give me a 3.30 split?

#1 1,000m
Jesus!!! talk about the "toothpaste is already out of the tube!!!!" a 1.13 opening lap period ontop of a false start already.......#notmymorning
I felt fast over the opening 200m but was stunned to see 1.13 at 400m and slowed down,glass half full it's good to know I have a 1.13 in me,glass half empty I still had another 9 400m laps and 6 200s to run!!

#2 1,000m
A little more like it,close to the  splits I was looking for but that false start and opening 400m were going to come back to bite me in the arse I felt.

#3 1,000m
Was pleasently surprised w/ the opening 1.23 but lost a little juice over the second 400m but still managed to get under the 3.30 barrier.....just!

#4 1,000m 1.24-1.28-41=3.33.2.
 Opening w/ 1.24 I thought back to back 1.24s would set me up nicely for a 3.30 but the shananigns at the start of my workout robbed me of that hope.

#5 1,000m
After the opening 1.26 lap I knew I'd have to dig deep over the closing 600m to get under 3.30,the 1.28 didn't help any but the closing 200m in 37 seconds brought some solice to an otherwise frustrating interval session

Granted I'd improved on week twos feeble opening round of 5x1,000m
3.20.2-3.34.8-3.45.4-3.47-3.30.9 and only for the back to back second lap 1.28s on #4 and #5 had kept each lap at 1.26 and under after a comedy of errors start to my workout,one could hope for less comedy and farce next time out on Oct 13th.

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