Monday, September 23, 2013

Momentary Lapse In Reason

Last month when I ran my 8x300x200x300m repeats for only the second time I ever I managed a respectable series of:54.0-33.8-54.3-52.7-34.3-54.8-55.1-35.8-55.9-56.5-36.8-56.7-57.6-36.5-55.2-55.7-35.7-56.2-55.6-36.6-57.3-56.0-37.2-54.7
As w/ all my repeats this month my first goal was an overall improvement on what I'd ran last month but also w/ this set of repeats I hoped to eliminate the 57 second 300s and 37 200s....easier said than done when thee are 16x300s and 800x200.....but that's the name of the game.
Although I was all business when I arrived at Temple's track by 12.15pm i couldn't help but think about what had gone on earlier in the morning a few hours up the turnpike in Upper Manhatten......the 5th Avenue Mile.

I've had some wonderful moments at 5th Avenue Mile overall winner in 07 and 08 and age group winner in 09,10 and 11 however I've "side stepped" the fall classic the past two years.
Last year I wasn't ready mentally or physically and while this year I at least had my "head on straight" physically at only 8 weeks into my return to training I didn't feel I could bring my A game to this years race, as long as I continue {for now} my once a week trek to the track b4 eventually making it a bi weekly thing then I see no reason NOT to be able  clock at least 68 second 400s,this years winning time in the M50 race was 4.33,4x68=4.32......

Conditions were as close to ideal as I could hope for when I hit the track at 12.15pm,it's not a deliberate ploy on my part to get to the track later and later each week but it does allow me to make the most of the current conditions b4 fall sweeps through and makes it a free for all in the ensiuing months.
I could've done w/out the head wind on the home straight period but the potential of havibg to battle it 24 times at the end of each repeat,yea!!!!

It's been a while since I've collapsed in a heap on the infield at the compleation of a repeat workout,then again it's probably been a while since I've worked that hard in a repeats session, but anytime I can use the classic Carl Lewis quote "I just wanted to know I left it all out there on the track" I know I've given it everything I had.
Let's see if next month I can't eliminate the 56 and 36 second splits......this 8x300x200x300 repeat is becoming my "go to" repeat

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