Friday, September 13, 2013


If only my knee lift and leg turnover were as razor sharp as my wordplay I wouldn't have been sitting out my  scheduled 8 miler last nite,instead I found myself working on the arse grooves of my recliner but at least I got to see my girl Georgie Thompson on "Crowd Goes Wild" so it wasn't a complete bust!!

I couldn't help but think about how for the second time this week I had to sit out a training run and yet still found the ability to's a far cry from this time last year when the desire,drive and heart to run was only matched by the lack of passion for my blog....hence the "Sign Of The Times" quote.......see method,madness I don't just throw this shit together at the last minute a lot of careful consideration goes into my daily bloggin'!!!!
Hopefully back to back days off will see my knee lift and leg turnover return,if not w/ a vengence then at least some modicum of fight,I'm strongly considering nixing my monthly homage to the 80's at Voyeur tonite as it would feel like a bit of a piss take to sit out an 8 miler but then go clubbin' till 3.20am.

Even w/ no clubbin' tonite I will stick to Sunday for my repeats,w/ the Rock N Roll Philadelphia half marathon on Sunday I'd rather hit the Schuylkill Banks tomorrow for an easy 6 miler than deal w/ the overcrowding that's going to be an issue on Sunday while I'm miles away over at the track at Temple far from the maddening crowd.
This feels like a good weekend for staying off my feet and resting my legs,I'm not too bothered w/ the 6 miler tomorrow but I want to cain the 5x1,000m repeats Sunday so getting caught up on my 15 hours of "Luther" "Law & Order UK" ''The Bridge" "Copper" and "Broadchurch" seems like a plan

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