Thursday, September 12, 2013

Running On Empty

I can still remember my run on Tuesday September 11th 2001,after coming home from work and switching on the tv to watch the horrors of the day unfold over and over again I reached a point where I couldn't watch anymore and got into my running clothes and headed out the door for my 10 mile run.
Back then I lived in Port Richmond so my route was along Deleware Ave,hang a right onto Spring Garden upto the Art Museum and along Kelly Dr to the 1 mile marker b4 turning and heading home.
At 6pm you'd expect a decent amount of trafic on the roads but not that evening,the roads were unusally quite obviously as it seem the whole nation and come to a full stop not quite believing what had happened that faithful morning in New York,DC and Pennsylvania and even though the flight path to Philadelphia International airport was overhead not a solitary plane filled the was a very surreal feeling.

Seldom has a day gone by when I don't think of the events of 911 twelve years ago it will forever live w/ us and even though I wasn't directly effected by it it's hard bordering on impossible not to be shaken by the actions of those who commited such horrors on our nation,as I've said repeatedly 911 was our generations Pearl Harbour.

As I've said b4 one of the hardest things for me is to blog a bad run/race the day after but it has to be done.
For whatever reason/reasons I've been struggling of late,I thought Sundays "grind em till you find em" last 3 miles of my 10 miler was a one off but still took the precaution of taking Monday as a day off just in case,I didn't feel any problems over Tuesdays 10 milers although the issue of knee lift and leg turnover was there again at the end of the run......
I delibertely set off at a slow pace yesterday given the 92 degree temps....yep that's NOT a typo 92 degrees,it never hit 90 during August and yet here were are not even half way through September at 90 degs.....#whatthefuck
W/ only an 8 miler on tap I was reasonably confident of taking care of business having taken care of back to back 10 milers....."how fickle fate can be" once sang Beth Orton!!

I reached the 4 mile mark w/out any issues....other than the omnipresent lack of knee lift and leg turnover.....cue the Monty Python quote"still I was getting used to it by then!!!" however what I wasn't used to was coming to an abrupt halt  w/in 3/4s of a mile of the turnaround....the abrupt halt in running is akin to the conversation that starts w/ "we need to talk".....nothing good ever comes from either!!!
I walked the 1/4 mile to Lloyd Hall hoping that a visit to the water fountain would cure my every was ailing me.....#wishfulthinking
W/in 30 meters of restarting I pulled up me steak cos the proverbial fork had just been stuck into me and a long three mile walk home beckoned......oh the unbridaled joy in 92 degrees w/ sweat pouring off of me!!!!
I must have cut a forlorn figure walking down the Schuylkill Banks casting envious glances at every runner who went by me but none more so than one female runner whos knee lift not only seemed "text book" but I also noticed the back lift her feet made.......why am I unable to reproduce that kind of motion at the moment???

It's impossible to correct a problem when I'm not 100% sure what the problem is in the first place,and thus begins the time honoured dilemma of how to go about correcting this current glitch in my training when I don't really know I'm suffering a dramatic loss in knee lift and leg turnover  to begin w/#conudrum
I will sit tomorrow out,there seems little point being a "mileage whore" at the moment gouging 40 miles a week when the quality of said mileage is below par,Friday is my token day off anyway and I'll see "which way the wind blows" Saturday as to getting a run in b4 hitting the track Sunday and hope by then whatever has ailed me this week has worked it's way through my system,they say" a week in running can be a long time"....they're not wrong this week!

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