Thursday, September 26, 2013

All Our Yesterdays

Another 8 miler in the books
And another book read.......

I just finished reading Dame Kelly Holmes autobiography "Black White & Gold" which I must say was a fascinating read,it's always fun to read the trials and tribulations of a world class athlete and how some of their struggles can relate to you,ok I won't ever be a double Olympic 800m/1,500m champion or knighted for my services to athletics but reading her struggles to overcome a pesky achilles injury that threatened to derail her career was something myself and alot of runners out there could identify w/.

As for my 8 miler not much to report,sunny and 74 degrees and mostly incident free......mostly!!!
Knowing I still have a 10 miler on tap this evening b4 2 rest days then Sundays all out assault on my 6x600m repeats the last thing I needed was to embroil myself in any "pissing contests"during this run and it was all going to plan till just over a quarter mile past the 5 mile marker{Lloyd Hall on the inbound leg of the run}
Blowing by me on my inside like someone auditioning for a part in "Run Like You Stole It" Mr Back Pack shattered the tranquil nature of my run like a Doc Marten boot through a plain of glass and my instant reaction was to go all Barney Stinson on his arse...."Challenge Accepted" but knowing that there were still 2 and 3/4 miles of this run to go not to mention 10 miles tomorrow I thought better of it.....however my momentum on the downhill along side the Art Museum brought me along side his left shoulder as we crested the uphill......cue cuz going all Olympic trials mode on me and increasing the pace,which as someone who's done the sme thing himself repeatedly should not been seen as a bad thing,anywho w/in another 600m hepuled off to the side as if he was planning to cross the Conrail tracks at the crossing.....glad I didn't waste valuable energies chasing after him afterall and I guess that's the ying and the yang of chasing fellow runners out on a training run you can never be sure how far they're going nor what there running credentials are.

Even though I'm not "officially" timing these runs I can tell you they are more or less ballpark roughly the same pace,as is my won't I eyeball the clock in my bedroom as I leave for my run and eyeball it again when I return,the 8 milers have all been w/in a minute or two of eachother the past two weeks and Tuesdays 10 miler was only 15 minutes slower PLUS they are ALL faster then what they were a couple of weeks ago....#aworkinprogressthatsgettingthere

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