Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome To The Autumnal Equinox

Where do we go from here? the sun is shining,look into the nighttime sky a star is calling
As seasons change why are you so afraid?in darkness you;ll see a new light

Or Fall to those of you who haven't swallowed a dictonary for breakfast!
Yes folks Summer is officially in the books and for only the second time since 2006 it was a summer w/out track and a Outdoor National Championships but hopefully my sabatical has allowed me to recharge the batteries and do what I need to do this off season to put me in  a position to restablish myself w/in the ranks of masters track for the upcoming season/seasons.

Having wisley sat out Sundays long run to allow my tender achilles more time to recover from whatever had agravated it on Saturday I was anxious to get Mondays 8 miler under my belt period but also get this week off to a positive start.
Having offered my services to a pair of friends who are moving on Saturday weeks ago I didn't want to be "that guy" who said oh sure I'll help you guys move and then come the day of say "oh it's today... I can't make it" so I rescheduled my 6x600m repeats for Sunday which is no biggie but in order to get a 5 day/40 mpw in I now need to log 2x8 miles and 2x10 miles between Monday and Friday,not the worst thing in the world,I was thinking 8,10,rest day 8,10 which had doable written all over it till I realized Friday presents "issues" SOOOO now I'm looking at the same schedule only w/out the Wednesday rest day.....still doable providing the weather and my achilles cooperate........

Conditions were sunny and mild/warm  as I set off at 4.20pm,shades sunny but not sleeveless warm and frankly by the time I reached the Schuylkill Banks the wind coming off the Schuykill river made me glad I'd gone the short sleeve route.
67 degrees according to trusty old Peco Tower nice running conditions whichallowed me to work up a slight sweat.
Felt like I did last Tuesday and Wednesday over the same out and back 8 miler,solid throughout the run,able to work the hills both up and down and able to pick up the pace when required and thankfully no achilles issues.
The 10 miler today shouldn't present any issues..he said hopefully and I believe conditions are meant to get slightly warmer this week,I'd say it's all "coming up roses" but frankly if you are planting roses or anything at this time of year your probably SOL........of course this is a fine time of year to be "sowing seeds" for the coming year......where's my copy of the Farmers Almanac when I need it??

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