Monday, September 9, 2013

Quantum Leap

I don't think for one second Saturdays mile repeats will cause any sleepless nites w/in the M50 mile fraternity but they were a quantum leap from were I began a month ago.
As a refresher my splits and overall times last month were:
I said then that heading into the next set of mile repeats if I could eliminate the 1.30 plus laps I'd be in good shape and probably in sub 6 minute mile shape.
Arriving at Temple's track at 11.55am conditions were close to idyllic as possible,sunny and warm w/out being too hot to be productive at midday,the wind guages in the northeast corner of the track at the beginning of the top turn were twirlling when I first arrived but I have to say on all 20 laps down the back straight I never experienced any issues w/ the wind which always helps.
Mile warm up completed it was have at it time.

#1 mile
Opening w/ a 1.21 lap not only set me up nicely but was also 7 seconds faster than were I opened last month,could I continue in that vein?
#2 mile
Would like to see laps 2 and 3 a little quicker in the coming months and I susspect w/ more strength and speed below my belt I'll get that wish.
#3 mile
Was guilty of backing off over the closing 400m in order to save my legs for the final mile,next month I believe I'll have not only the confidence but also the strength to run a harder third mile and still drop the hammer on the final mile.
#4 mile
Not a bad way to wrap things up,not exactly a closing kick w/ 200m to go but  I was able to lengthen my stride when I had to.

I said after August 11th's mile repeat debut if I could eliminate the 1.30 plus splits I'd be in good shape,now heading into Octobers mile repeats I'd like to keep each split between 1.25-1.28 to furthur lower my mile repeats,getting down to 5.30's would be nice.

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