Monday, September 30, 2013

Night & Day @ The House Of Pain

Not sure I "saved the best till last" but it was a deliberate move on my part to save the always gut wrenching 6x600m till last on my set of repeats.
Last month on my debut I went:
So plenty room for improvement now at the end of September......

The question was when not if would I get my 6x600m repeats in over the weekend,there had  been an issue regarding Saturday than got resolved in the early hours of Saturday morning so I was able to get up at 9am and cop the last half hour of Spurs Chelski while having my morning cup of rosey and banana b4 stretching and making sure I hit the bathroom b4 heading to Temple,I learnt ny lesson w/ that two weeks ago!
Arrived at the track by 11.05am and got my mile warm up in,during which I gauged the wind direction,at Temple it's not if the wind's blowing it's where,two weeks ago the top turn,last week the home straight today the back straight as I hit 300m....what doesn't kill me makes me stronger yeah???

#1 600m
I said going in that if I could go 1.15-1.17 for the opening 400 and 37 for the closing 200 I should be golden for sub 1.55
#2 600m
So far,so go last month I pretty much"shit the bed" after an opening 400m of 1.13 thankfully a  month down the road my strength and stamina are a lot deeper
#3 600m
Last time out by # 3 and #4 I could feel the wheels coming off,not today!
#4 600m
It didn't help I was forced out into lane 3 at 200m to swing by a pair of joggers,I know I don't have exclusive rights to the inside lane but is there ANY point having signs up all over the track asking walkers/joggers to use the outside lanes????
#5 600m
I needed a stop watch malfunction on the opening 400m like I needed another pair of joggers in lane 1!!!
Note to self,next time I hear a second beep on the stopwatch.......STOP!!!!!
My gut feeling was that extra 400m was going to come back to bite me in the arse on #6......
#6 600M
I knew that extra 400m would catch up w/ me and coming off the bottom turn w/ 300m to go for the first time in the session I noticed the wind,a tell tale sign of fatigue,I confess to kind of mailing it in over the final few meters knowing off a 1.20 400m that a 35 200m probably wasn't happening today.

While I'm frustrated #6 got away from me overall today was a big improvement on last months 6x600s so here to going 6/6 at sub 1.55 next month....and no more stopwatch cockups!!!

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