Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Heavy Legs,Heavy Heart

I only managed two runs last week a 12 miler on Wednesday followed by a 4 miler on Sunday....Sunday was meant to be a long run but at just over 3.25 miles in I knew the proverbial goose was cooked and made it 4 miles and stuck a fork in it.

As is my won't Mondays and Fridays are no go due to work,Tuesday was day three of the 95 degree temps and aside from sore legs from Sundays half marathon the quality of air was thick...walking two blocks from the trolley to my front door at 4.30pm was an effort so I prudently called a  no mas on a run.

Wed was a shake out run w/ the lingering effects of Sundays Oddessey Half Marathon still in my legs,however a 1.39.20/8.17 mile pace seemed to shake off the last of the crap in my legs.....sadly my head and heart failed to get the memo!

Thurs I was reeling from the blahs so much so that upon arriving home I just said "feck it" and decamped on the futon,having missed Tuesdays  run a 5 day/65mpw was shot so why sweat it now?

Sat got blown out b4 I even had a chance,as is my won't on the weekends I set the alarm for 8am and aim to be "upwardly mobile" by 9.30am so I can quaff a morning cuppa and chow down on a Cliff Bar b4 stretching and heading out the body said fuck dat noise and slept till 11.30am!!!

Sun I had every intention to run a 15 miler but by mile 3.25 my legs weren't having it and thus ended a 2 day/16 mile week.

Between the hangover from Oddessey,the heatwave I also had to contend w/ another Erica anniversary,Friday being her b'day and also 31 years since we got engaged in a restaurant in Greenwich on her 21st b,day.
You'd think after all these years I'd be over it by now but awoken from that "Erica Dream" on Monday morning the tone for my week was set,no wonder I suffered intestinal issues Friday evening and Saturday lunch time as my stomach tends to give out on me and has been doing so for the past 29 years.

I hope following Sundays U2 show and I get done bawling my eyes out after Bono sings "W/ Or W/out You" I can put the "ghosts of first loves/wife" behind least till the next Erica anniversary comes along and wakes me from a sound sleep.....

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