Sunday, June 4, 2017

Zero To Fifty

Ok,so lets get the analytics out of the way first,the week in numbers:
WC 5.29
Mon 12 miles 1.39.10 8.16 mile pace 1343 calories burned
Tue rest day
Wed 13 miles 1.58.01 9.08 pace 1457 calories burned
Thur rest day
Fri rest day
Sat 12 miles 1.39.19 9.08 pace 1335 calories burned
Sun 13 miles 1.53.07 8.42 pace 1448 calories burned

So a 4 day/50mpw not too shabby given 5 weeks ago I wasn't even running and 4 weeks ago I ran 10 miles at the Broad St Run.
Yes I had hoped to make this my first 5day/65mpw but frankly the trashing my legs took during Wednesdays initial 13 miler had me back tracking in double quick fashion.....however upon reflection it was prehaps a tad overly ambitious on my part,each week{more or less} I have upped my weekly runs,1 run 4 weeks ago,2 runs the following week,sadly the next week my tally was 1 due to a mish mash of events inside  my time frame,however last week I managed three runs so,w/ hindsight maybe 4 was the way to go this in order to have my{cheese}cake and eat it next week to up my mpw to 60 and incorporate my race I will have to run 6 days but I will be able to go 50/60mpw in back to back weeks b4 hopefully settling into a 9 week patern of 5 day/65mpw from mid June to mid August b4 tweaking things  for the marathon in November.

Mon 12 miles
Taking full advantage of Memorial Day I got a run in on Monday,given my work loads Mondays and Fridays are hard to get home b4 5pm and what w/ 15/20 mins of stretching getting out the door at 5.20pm to run 10,12,14 miles is a tough making the proverbial hay while the sun shone I threw in a 12 this week mid morning.
Overcast grey conditions suited me as I was coming off an aborted 12 miler on Sunday,prehaps back to back to back 12s were too ambitious but at least I now had three consecutive days under my belt as sooner rather than later that will have to be the norm.

Wed 13 miles
They say "a week in politics is a long time" so is a few days in running,w/ 4 12 milers and 2 11.5 milers under my belt I thought adding an extra mile wouldn't be a big ask.........wrong!!!!
Granted being up since 5.25am and "slinging skids" all day hadn't helped any but that's gonna be the deal moving forward so it's pointless using that as a I'll blame the 79 degree weather!!!
I knew b4 I made the turn at 6.5 miles in the shadow of Strawberry Mansion bridge I was gonna have to "dig deep" both mentally and physically over the inbound 6.5 miles to get home and  w/ next to no knee lift or leg turnover  on the run home I was briefly tempted to call it quits at mile 12........but thought better of it and gritted my teeth and ground out the final mile,pretty it was not,gutsy it was and somedays in running and in life you'll take gutsy over pretty.

Sat 12 miles
Somewhat habbit forming,my third Saturday run in a row,methinks the boy want to run afterall!!!!
Another mid morning run out and back along Kelly Dr under grey skies and often intermitting showers,which at least kept the temps cool,not that time was the issue but compared to Monday I was 9 seconds slower overall and a second per mile off,that said knowing I would be coming back w/in 24 hours to tackle another 13 miler it was maybe prudent to keep something in the tank for Sunday?

Sun 13 miles
Boo frickin ya!!!
Almost 5 mins faster than Wednesday w/ a considerable reduction in pace 9.08 vs 8.42,granted I wasn't dealing w/ 79 deg temps or been up since 5.25am....however  I had the luxury of a rest day b4 Weds run unlike back to back 12 and 13 milers.
Thanks to fancy gizmo on my wrist I can look back at my mile splits today:7.49 7.46 8.33 8.17 8.26 8.26 8.36 8.49 9.09 9.14 9.18 9.28 9.17,there's work to be do done.....there's also 25 weeks till the Philly Marathon so,I feel if nothing else I have time on my side.

Job well done this week but no time to rest on my laurals,6 miler on tap tomorrow to set up a potential 60 mile week,hopefully an easy run tomorrow b4 the potential of back to back 12s followed by a 10 will sit well w/ my legs.

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