Saturday, January 27, 2018

Back Upto Double Digits

Another week in the books,three runs.....could and should've been on McDuff.....

Wed Jan 24th
8 Miles
I could've had 8s both Tuesday and Wednesday but for "Postman Pratt" on Monday.....
So I arrive home around 5.30pm,too late for a run but what I figured would happen,shock,horror probe mail delivered.....this was a shock since last week mail was arriving gone 6.30pm!!!!
Tuesday morning at 5am as I was leaving for work I find the time honoured "we tried to deliver" bullshit card through my door.......fuckin' seriously you had to have attempted delivery gone 5.30pm when I returned home and found mail sitting inside the door but god forbid you ring a fuckin' doorbell!!!!
The upshot of this ....and NOT for the first time is yours truly having to schlep to the "boonies" to collect my mail and getting home gone 5pm,I need a good 15 mins to change and stretch so Tuesday was shot,pity it was a mild evening
No such worries on Wednesday,home by 4.25pm changed,stretched and out the door by 4.45pm for an easy 8 miler
If last weekends 8s had seen me "huff and puff" a tad I had no such issues on Wednesday,more a result of running after I'd been upwardly mobile for the best part of 12 hours and not tackling a run of any distance not long after waking up
Back to back 8s would've been nice but I felt Wednesdays smooth outing meant I could bump back up to 10s next time out....

Fri Jan 26th
10 Miles
I figured Thursday was shot for a run thro work and wasn't disappointed by that guess....however I had scheduled Friday off and figured why not period but w/ the threat of rain in the forecast for Sunday it would be prudent to make the proverbial hay while the sun shone today
A rare Friday run to begin w/ muchless mid morning but I was happy to be out there period,sunny enough for shades but mild enough for typical January weather!!!
Only a month removed from my last 10 miler on Boxing Day the step up in mileage didn't phase me and while it was an unspectacular run it was at the very least  solid,I'll settle for solid right now

Sat Jan 27th
10 Miles
Out the door just gone 9am as I had a 12.30pm Spurs kick off to factor in, more of the same from Friday solid if unspectacular and even though I went w/out the Garmin as is my won't I'd hazard a guess it was a 1.20/1.25 time so give or take 8 min mile pace
Could've gone w/ a lighter base layer under my training top but hedged my bets w/ the conditions,working up a good sweat in Jan never hurts....and hurts less than under dressing and freezing out there period muchless running along the river
So at three weeks in I'd say I'm 2/3rds of the way back,speed is lacking but will come,strength and stamina are both there

So I'm back to 10 milers and in double digits again,this bodes well moving forward,also three runs not two.....if work ever settles the fuck back down I could forsee a return to 4 runs a week sooner rather than later......of course "old man winter" will still have some say over the next 8 weeks but fingers crossed a pair of 10 milers during the week and the potential for back to back 10s next weekend would have me back upto 40mpw.......easy tiger.....someone will mistake you for a real runner......

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