Friday, November 16, 2012

Hard Work Never Killed Anybody{But Why Take The Risk}

After taking a lesuirely approach to my b'day on Wednesday and having a "zen like" day.....I became one w/ the recliner and my dvr it was back at it yesterday. Another easy 4 miler around Clark Park,the winded feeling from Monday and Tuesday has now been replaced by a soreness in my legs as they struggle to recognise the "daily grind"....all in good time! Saturday offers the promise of a slightly longer run as I attempt a 6 miler down along the river,w/ the Philly Marathon on Sunday it'd be prudent to avoid the drives so I think Sunday will serve as a rest day b4 hopefully launching into a week of 6 milers on Monday as the clock ticks on Lexington and XC Club Nationals on Dec 8th


Randy Shwini said...

Hello. Mister Kevin,

It was long time for a post, my American friend! How it goes? Are you into training again. Or is it only a sabbatcal from a blogging?

Well, only a time for this e.mail but I hope it is well and that you are finding good times.


Randy Shwini

kevin f forde said...

Randy,yes I took a sabatical from blogging but hopefully sooner rather later I'll be back blogging full time.
Hope all is well