Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Don't Call It A Comeback

Bless me Father, it's been three months since my last confession.......
To quote the devine Beth Orton"Where Do I Begin"?,I have been running,maybe not not as much as I would like but there's been more running than there's been blogging over the last three months....I know that's not difficult!!
I haven't fallen out of love w/ running,I don't think I could even if I wanted to but the fact is for the first time in a long time running isn't the be all and end all of my life,maybe the oncoming freight train that is hitting the big 50 has something to do w/ it,maybe after 11 years of putting heart and soul into my training day in day out,week in week out my body has rebelled a little and said it's time to ease up a tad,I don't know in running as in life I don't have the answers,but I do have a lot of questions!!
In early January after being "inspired" to get back to doing what I do I managed three consecutive weeks of regular training 5 days a week,even managing two repeat sessions on the track{the first one was far from pretty let me tell you!!}but I knew well enough that"speed begats speed" and the only way I was going to get myself in race shape for Indoor Nationals was to make weekly/bi weekly trips to the track.....easier said than done in the dead of winter!!

And then just like that,the wheels fell off over the next three weeks I lost vital and valuable training to the weather,weather related illness and general "life getting in the way" issues when I ran yesterday it was the first time in 13 days and if I didn't already know it my chances of going to Landover for Indoor Nationals had gone w/ that lay off.
I'm sure in five weeks time when"the clans all gather" in Landover I'll second guess my decision to not only pull the plug on Indoor Nationals but also  pull the plug on the whole indoor season,however I only have to cast my mind back to Boston 08's Indoor Nationals when I had eight weeks recovery from my stress fracture to recall the painful wrong choice I made that year in going,I said after that painful experience I'd never go to a Nationals under prepared so I'm sticking to my word.

I'd like to use the next six weeks between now and the end of March to get back into the habit of getting out there five days a week and training w/ one day set aside for repeats,if I can do that then come April I feel I'll have given myself a base to build on and hopefully set myself up for the outdoor season.
Over the past few weeks I've received several emails and messages via Facebook asking what's been going on w/ my lack of running,hopefully this answers those questions and hopefully I'll see most of you guys at a track meet soon,till then it's "nose to the grind" time and time to knuckle down in training....and blogging!!!


B said...

Kevin, I'm so glad to see you're back!
Sometimes I wonder why I do it - running that is. I guess I like it, I mean the feel of it and still being able to do it adds a feeling of gratefulness that I feel I should acknowledge. But I think mainly I do it for the health of it. It keeps us healthy brother! And so far when the doubts creep in and conspire to stop me. I remember it's my health and no one is going to do it for me So off again for another dose of my secrete elixir!

Michael Scholtz said...

Good to hear from you, my friend! I am still hoping to be in Landover. Some potential family scheduling conflicts are in the process of getting worked out, but I plan to be there. If so, I'll miss seeing you. Now, get out there and get your butt ready for outdoors!

kevin f forde said...

Michael,good luck if you make it to Landover.
Bruce even if I never ran another track meet I couldn't imagine NOT running on a regular basis,it's a bit like the Priesthood,once your in you're in for life!

B said...

Well said !

David said...

Amen to that!
Nice to see you getting back into it.
Take it easy and enjoy what we do.

kevin f forde said...

Thanks Dave,it's a "work in progress" but it feels right