Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spoiler Alert

I always feel if I get Mondays run in I have a fighting chance for having a decent week,maybe it's a bunch of psychobabble nonsense but if I miss Mondays run I feel it puts me "behind the eight ball" from the get go and if Tuesday gets away from me for any reason then there's a pretty good chance I'll stick a fork in the week b4 it'd even half way through,so having had one to many false starts to my season already I knew I had to be out there yesterday afternoon.....SPURS game or not!

Yep,as I mentioned on Thursday my day is often dictated by the Spurs fixture list and it just so happened we were the Monday Night game at 8pm back home,3pm here via ESPN2 so I knew when I got home at 4pm right on half time that if I parked my butt on the recliner to cop the second half the chances of me getting out the door at 5pm  to run were slim to none,granted it's lighter in the evening now and NOT undoable but I know me once I get cozy it's a bastard trying to get off the recliner so I did the responsible thing,set the dvr and didn't even tempt fate by checking the half time score when I got home,instead I got changed into my running gear and straight out the door,as a runner one should be committed.....and I don't mean to the nearest looney bin!!!

Maybe it was the prospect of getting done so I could hop in and out of the shower and then park myself on the edge of my recliner to hurl abuse at the tv during the game but I shaved a minute off my recent times,the proof in the pudding to that notion will come if I continue to run 38 mins for 5 miles,it's been a steady diet of 40 mins {8 min mile pace} since Jan w/ the occassional 39 min thrown in for good messure as time goes by getting into the realm of 7 min mile pace for 35 mins is the aim but knowing that after numerous 40/39 min times a 38 is under my belt helps convince me getting back to where I was is there for the taking I just have to work on it.

As for the game,we did it again,trailing 2.1 w/ 15 mins to go we tied it at 2.2 and I'd have been happy w/ a point given West Ham{Wet Spam as we lovingly refer to them!!} chose last nite to honour their former great Bobby Moore and were "well up for it" on the pitch and in the stands.......
89th min and God aka Bale got hold of the ball some 35 yards out and stuck it on his left foot,one touch,two touch.....BOSH!!! the ball flew into the top right hand corner of the Wet Spam goal and Spurs not only won but moved above Chelsea into third in the table,Spurs and yours truly both making a run in late Feburary....

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