Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Race Against Time

Another 5 miler,another 38 min quote the always quotable Monty Python in "Secret Service","still I was getting used to it by then"!!!
Depending on whos weather report you listened to rain was in the forecast for the afternoon/ evening,one report said 4pm or 5pm I was hoping for the latter and offered up a quick prayer to the weather gods in hope they'd listen.
Maybe it was the prospect of trying to be done and dusted b4 the rain that saw me complete another 38 min 5 miler,like London buses you wait forever for the bastard and then two show up together!!
A week ago I baulked at the prospect of running in the rain,a week later w/ a few back to back days under my belt I feel a bit more like the runner I know I am so I did my best Winston Churchill two finger salute to the weather gods and got out there and got after it.

I'm still a LONG way removed from throwing on my running singlet,lacing my trusty spikes up and heading to a track to "throw down" w/ anyone but it's all feeling positive,that said I'd not be breaking my hand patting myself on the back just yet,there's the oh so small matter of getting what at times feels like a baby Elephant off my chest as I'm looping around Clark Park removed,like I keep saying I won't win it all back in one day but  as long as the victories no matter how small  keep adding up I'll feel like I'm getting there one workout at a time.

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