Monday, February 25, 2013

Little By Little

Thanks to someone leaving the "sprinkler system" on almost all day Saturday my hopes of getting a 5 day/25 mile week went down the drain along w/ the rain,however yesterdays run allowed me a 4 day/20 mile week which is a vast improvement on the last three weeks put together.
I know I'm not going to "get it all back in one day" as has been evident from the grind at times to complete 5 loops of Clark Park but given there were probably more off days than training days over the last six months since Outdoor Nationals in August I'm going to have to "grin and bare it" untill such a time when it feels natural again.

Funny story #1, not two minutes into my run on Cedar Ave and I almost came a cropper thanks some "dynamic duo" and their dog,while anyone who knows me on Facebook will attest to my being a "cat person" I am not anti dog.....but you never hear of a runner being bitten by a cat out on their run or being tripped by a cat on its leash.... so it's a quick game of "Do I" A,stop and wait till an opening presents it'self?,B,swing wide and run out in the street? or C,slow down and wait till an opening on the sidewalk presents it'self? I went w/ C as it seemed to be the best bet..... only to go face first into some tree branches.....the moral of this story....the bark was worse than the bite!!!

Funny story #2, after my five loops around Clark Park I headed homewards along Baltimore Ave and Cedar Ave, as I said it the moment I'm feeling a little fangless and clawless as my time off has blunted the "Three S's,Speed,Strength,Stamina" but as I made my way along the 4600 block I spotted another runner some 50-60 meters ahead of me heading west along Ceder Ave and b4 the 1/4 mark of the 4900 block I'd passed him,a small victory but like I said I'm not expecting to get it all back at once.

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