Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just Do It

W/ the metophorical ink still damp from Tuesdays long overdue blog entry and all my talk of getting back into the fray I found myself in an all too familur sinareo  of sitting on my recliner watching Champions League football,nothing like making  a liar out of myself!!!!
In fairness it was raining but that in its self set off a whole debate in my mind.....cos lets face it I'd have looked pretty silly having a full blow conversation w/ myself!
I'm only looking a 5 mile runs for now as I focus on the 800m and 1,500m and frankly in the past I've ran 10 milerrs in the rain,the issue is as I've gotten older have I gotten softer or was I showing a modicum of  common sence and not running the risk of getting sick and potentially losing a few days/ a week of training......frankly three's been enough of that over the last  six months and once again I find myself w/ the proverbial tons of questions and no answers!!!

All however was not lost,in this "rebuilding" phase of my training I'm only looking to reestablish "good habits" ie coming home,getting changed and going straight out to run,a basic that has at times gotten away from me,in order to get back into that mode I feel if I manage 5 runs a week w/ 4 of them over 5 miles and 1 trip to the track on the weekend for repeats then by April I should{in theory} be ready to return to 6 day training weeks w/ 2 I said it sounds good in theory but it's also true that"theory and practice" is often the horse of a different colour anywho losing Tuesday was not the be all and end all of my week having gotten out there on Monday,but now having taken one day off and knowing that more often than not Fridays are my token rest day I was faced w/ the prospect of having to run "come hell or high water" Wed,Thur,Sat and Sun so despite sub zero conditions and a wind chill factor that wasn't helping any I headed out the door yesterday afternoon for my 5 miler around trusty Clark Park.
I feel I could do the Clark Park loop w/ my eyes closed it's become my "go to" route over the years but rather than go the "familuarity breeds contempt" route I find a sence of comfort in running a route I've ran so often over the past six years.
In a week that saw Michael Jordan hit the big 50 I guess it was no coincidence I should quote the old Nike mantra as I did my loops.

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