Thursday, November 5, 2015

Guy Walks Into A Nite Club,Meets His Soulmate......A True Story*

*All Fact,No fiction,Names Have Not Been Altered To Protect Identities

So as  far as yesterdays 12 miler went,more of the same from Tuesday,out day 4.30pm,home by 6.15pm 58 degrees at almost 6pm dark by the time I made the turnaround.
There was the almost unsavory incident of nearly becoming somebodys hood ornament at 38th St{what is it about that crossing,I nearly broke my wrist on some numbnutzs bike handlebar back in June?}
Thankfully my catlike reflexes saved me and while I was LESS than thrilled by the incident the  memory of "cuz" peering up at the red light after I'd given him the "death stare" and him saying "sorry sir" as he backed up took the sting out of the matter,no harm,no foul it could've been worse although the fact I deliberately wore a bright yellow Spurs Under Armour training top to be seen in the dark and he still almost ran me over does irk me somewhat......maybe he was a gooner,spammer or rent boy???

Frankly nothing was going to ruin my evening given yesterday was the four year anniversary of the nite that changed my life.
On Friday November 4th 2011 I laid eyes on my girlfriend Candice for the very first time......was it "love at first sight?" very much so and while we never spoke that nite mainly cos I didn't know what to say to her it was the spark that lit the flame that would take almost four years to ignite into a smouldering passion I like to refer to as my life.
B4 anyone gets all over me about turning Kevinrunningfree into a "Dear Abby" coloum let me state that while not a runner Candice is very much  a driving force behind my present drive to be the best runner{and human being} I can be.
It's been entirely too long since I last had "someone in my corner" in my life as well as w/ my running and I look forward to the upcoming track season and running infront of Candice,she knew I was a runner when we began dating but I never talked myself up about my 4 National Championship titles etc so it was somewhat of an eye opener the first nite she came to my place and saw all my medals trophies and plaques.

Off the back of an average track season dating Candice has added the intensity to my training that was probably lacking over the past 12 months,I'm not about to sit here and make bold sweeping predictions about what I'm gonna do in the upcoming 2016 season but I do know w/ Candice by my side and in my life I feel ready to tear it up on the track and putting the work in the past few weeks and w/ ten weeks to go till my 2016 season debut I feel confident my 40th anniversary season could be spectacular.........


Andy Elkan said...

Congrats Kevin, I am really glad to see you are doing well both in running and personally!

kevin f forde said...

Thanks Andy,maybe I'll see you at Rothman 8K?