Monday, November 2, 2015

What Do You Mean,Do I Celebrate Halloween???????????

The one true Pagan holiday on the calander...YEAH I celebrated it!!!!!!
I went into Saturday needing another 14 miler to round me off at 50mpw.......some of you may say"why not do 13 Friday,14 Saturday and 6 on Sunday to get my  full 5 day/55mpw"?????
Knowing I was going to "Dracula's Ball" on Saturday till 2am didn't exactly have me chomping at the bit to get up whenever on Sunday to run then factor in the chance to see the restored 50th anniversary showing of "My Fair Lady"  you can see where a "ah feck it" attitude came from!!!

As it was my Saturday 14 miler not only rounded off the week at 50 mpw but also the month at 183 miles my biggest monthly total all year which now stands at 1,230.
Given the week of Nov 9th thro Nov 15th is my "week 9" week off and had I stuck to 40mpw I could've probably kissed my 1,500 mile yearly target goodbye{last year I fell agonizingly short by 22 miles..........bollocks!!!!!!} but now w/ the prospect of seven 55 mile weeks between now and years end I'm looking at a potential 1,615 which allows some "wiggle room" if I miss a few runs from Tuesday thro Dec 31st.

I didn't get out till gone 3.15pm which allowed things to warm up a little compared to the more traditional morning long run,frankly I was just happy to out putting the miles in.
There seemed to be a neighbourhood Halloween Party along Baltimore Ave below 46th alot of neighbourhood kids in costume going door to door for Candy......enjoy it little ones cos when the sun went down the adults were coming out to play!!!!!
Not too many folk out on the drives between 3.15pm & 5pm maybe off "trick or treatin" w/ their kids but I was happy to have less pedestrian traffic in my way,if Fridays closing miles were a "dig deep mentally and physically" exercise thern Saturday saw me return to my swashbuckling,gangbusin' "get the fuck out of my way or I'll run ye the fuck over" 8 min mile pace.

I welcomed having to dig a little deep Friday it served as a reminder that you can't just show up and "mail it in" somedays you have to work at it and on those days you get your rewards...a bit like a running version of "trick or treat" I guess????

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