Wednesday, November 4, 2015

There's A Darkness On The Edge Of Town.......

First afternoon/evening run since the clocks went back on Saturday night.
Since this was "not my first rodeo" I knew what to expect by the time I reached the turnaround at mile six half a mile from Falls bridge I antispiated the skies to be fallen if not 100 % then pretty darm close to it........I wasn't wrong!!!

Out the door a tad b4 4.35pm conditions were sunny and mild....hard to fathom it's early November,and yes while the "currant bun" was out in all its glory I knew I'd be finishing the run in the dark so no point donning the shades although it's still bandanna conditions......however ye olde baseball cap and  thermal ski hat are an arms length away when the time comes.

Again as is my won't I didn't wear my watch on the run I was out the door by 4.35pm and back by 6.15pm 1.40 a little over 8 min mile pace although I probably eased off the pace a tad on the in bound run once darkness me that was the only thing I wanted to fall!
I was tempted to see what time it was when I reached the 6 mile turnaround but figured what was the point? it's going to continue to get darker sooner and sooner as each night/week passes.

The important thing was I got this one under my belt,I know what to expect tonite when I repeat the 12 mile route and again tomorrow when 11 miles will be the "distance du jour"
As I rounded the Art Museum I got my first glimpse of trusty Peco Tower as I made my way south bound along the Schuylkill banks 5.49pm and 53 degrees, the coolest evening I've ran for a while......and it's only gonna get cooler but in order to be "firing on all cylinders" for the Indoor Season I need to put the work and the miles in now......even in the dark......

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