Friday, October 30, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Ok so the week I drew up and the week I had were as the saying goes "the horse of a different colour" but this is why when I write a schedule I write it in case I have to alter it.....this week being one such week!

Tuesday,got out of work late and was heading to my girlfriends for dinner on top of the fact Tuesday was the 31st anniversary of "the auld fellas" death.
I make a point of visiting St John's church in Center City every April 13th for Kevin's b'day and every Oct 27th for his anniversary.
I lite a candle,say a prayer and have a conversation w/ "the auld fella"  he may not understand some of the choices I've made over the past 31 years but I feel it's important to let him know I still love him and miss him each and every day and ask if he has "any pull" upstairs to watch over me,my family and loved that end Tuesdays conversation was slightly longer than usual......then again he was the person who told me when I was in my late teen and bitchin' about the lack of a girlfriend "you'll know when the right girl comes along trust me.....".....what do you know the auld bugger was right!!!!!

Wednesday got scuppered also,a shitefest on the job and a steady rain,sure I've ran in worse and will again but I wasn't feeling it waterproofs or not so stuck the proverbial fork in it.....officially I was now out of "rest days if I wanted to get a 50 mile week in,but also w/ Sunday off the books due to the Dracula's Ball Saturday and going to see "My Fair Lady" w/ My Fair Lady on Sunday I now had to get "creative"...

Thursday 10 miler to keep"the dream alive" the most telling aspect of yesterdays run was knowing it was my final run in the evening b4 the clocks go back Sunday.....
Out the door by 5pm and sticking close to my recent 8 min mile pace I was done and dusted by which time the last vestige of day lite was fading this means come next week at 5.30pm it'll be dark....BOO!!!!!!!
It is what it is,once I get my first run in probably Tuesday and get used to it I'm confident of it becoming second nature......but this is in no way a ringing endorsement by yours truly that I'm ok w/ it....somethings you have to accept and move on w/ and the approach of Winter is one of them....

Friday A 14 miler around the trusty Art Museum Loop to leave me needed a repeat performance tomorrow to round me off at a 4 day/50mpw.
I had planned to hit the track today but having sacrificed Sunday to begin w/ then losing Tuesday/Wednesday that got rethought,I still have a potential 6 repeats between Saturday and my 2016 Indoor Season opener at Toms River on Jan 10th to get some speed work in the old legs!!!
One constant this week irregardless of the time of day I ran{3.30pm Monday,5pm yesterday and 1.30pm today}was even w/ the sun out there was a crispness to the air I would hazard a guess come Nov 16th following my "week 9" rest week that long sleeves and 3/4 length bottoms will become the norm,especially on week nites when I'm out along the river at 4.45pm-6.30pm.

Gonna enjoy a nice relaxing evening tonite 4 hours of 80s tunes via Robert Drake and "Land Of The Lost" on WXPN and a Linguine and Clams dinner w/ almost 52 the "restless soul" has found a home w/ someone he wants to share his life w/......I know I have to pinch myself sometimes to see if I'm dreaming....."Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" and "Honey Bunny"  and I have waited a lifetime for this we're gonna enjoy every second!!!!

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