Friday, October 2, 2015

Handled It Like A Boss

Having dodged a bullet Wednesday w/ the rain I wasn't so fortunate yesterday,a long steady downpour throughout the afternoon meant my resolve would be tested.
IF I blew Thursday off I could potentially still "take care of business" Friday all be it by "jumping through hoops" and juggling my schedule which frankly felt like a giant Energizer Bunny pain in the arse......feck it just run in the rain and be done w/ it!

As a "Pale Paddy" running in the rain is in my DNA my theory is it won't be the first time,nor the last,and while no "Fashionista" I did hear "the wet look is in" this w/ that it was Spurs baseball cap and USA rain jacket on and out the door.
The hardest part of running in the rain for me is going out and starting,it's alot easier if you've been running and then if the heavens open much like standing under the shower you reach a saturation point where no matter how hard it's bucketing down you can only get so wet and after a while I became used to the slow steady downpour I had entered willingly.

One plus of the rain, the sidewalks tend to be more open.....although there is now the potentail for having to dodge/duck Umbrellas but other than that it was fine.
Once out on the Schuylkill I also had "open road" for "shits and giggles on the outbound leg I counted how many other foolhardy souls I passed in either direction.......14 for those keeping score at home.
Prehaps the most telling sign was out on the Schuylkill it's self........Rowers putting in their reps,shit if they could do it on the river I could sure as hell do it along the footpath.

Was happy to be all done my 9 miles and out of my soaked running attire and enjoying a steaming cup of Earl Grey tea b4 my hot shower,29 miles down 26 to go over the weekend,the forecast is for more rain but having taken care of business last nite unless it's blowing a gale out there Saturday and Sunday I have no excuses not to finish what I started this week

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