Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Start As You Mean To Go On

I never made it out over the weekend,a series of events that kind of rolled into one another and created the snowball effect.....I'm not going to beat myself up over it{I'm sure other people will be more than happy to do that for me!} I've made my peace w/ it and moved on......I suggest others do the same.

Monday evening saw me primed and ready to go as my projected schedule this week was:10 10 9 12 14 on Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur,Sat.
I have a wedding to attend on Saturday and I 'd prefer to have Sundays long run taken care of by Saturday morning/lunchtime so as to leave Sunday free to enjoy the post wedding celebrations and not have to leave early to take care of business.....I'm all about geting the run in but not to the point where I become a slave to it so if I have to squeeze four runs in Monday thro Thursday to free up Sunday ontop of making Saturday my long run to make it happen....so be it!

Brisk 10 miler to kick things off,maybe being well rested over the weekend helped me attack the tried and tested out and back 10 miler last nite,maybe the fact having been sans tv since Sept 5th till Oct 4th saw a little more urgency in last nites run.....no more coming home to only the radio back into the old routine of dvring "ESPN FC" at 6pm and watching it after my run,either way I wasn't hanging around,out the door by 4.55pm and back by 6.17pm  a buck twenty two......considerably quicker than 10 minute mile pace.

W/ a race on tap next Sunday the competitive juices are starting to flow freely through me and while XC 5K is a little out of my comfort zone I'm relishing my first race since 5th Avenue Mile on Sept 13th,I've said this b4 but it bares repeating you can "spar" all the rounds you like in the gym.......but untill you step thro the ropes and into the ring/cage and prepare to "throw down" it don't mean jack.....am I ready to rumble???? please I was born ready to rumble........

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