Tuesday, October 13, 2015

To The Game You Stay A Slave

I'm not gonna front.... I did  NOT want to run last nite,after two very relaxing days away for my girlfriends sisters wedding I was feeling very Zen and maybe a littlen tired,the prospect of a run period let alone a 13 milers was about as popular as a fart in a phone box........
In running as in life you have to be honest w/ yourself and honestly I didn't feel like running last nite having been away from home for two days there were a few "household issues" that needed my attention,plus a large cat giving me the "abandoned cat" face....on top of the fact I was physically tired.......

And yet deep down I knew I had to run,to blow it off 100% would just set me up for the fall so the happy compromise{compromise is not a dirty word people!} was to make it a 10 miler and switch my original schedule of:13,13,10,10,9 to 10,13,10,13,9.
Obviously I'd have preferred the pair of 13 miles out of the way at the start of the week to save my legs for Sunday and Saratoga but to quote the Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want"  frankly the fact I overcame the urge not to run at all was a moral victory.

A fairly "bog standard" 10 miler out and back to just b4 the St Joe's Boathouse on Kelly Dr,give or take half a mile from Strawberry Mansion bridge,it was another "Indian Summer" evening again no official temprature reading on what's now becoming the NOT so trusty Peco Tower but it was a warm sunny evening,loathe to say it outloud but ye olde clocks go back the Sunday after next so now would be the time to embrace these evenings. while they last.

10 miles in the books and hopefully having avoided a prattfall at the first hurdle I can go on and notch another 5 day 55 mile week.

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