Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Road To Saratoga

Ok so once again fatigue and a trip to piggy post office at 52nd and Kingsessing on Thursday bollocked me for my run.
Glass half empty I'll miss my target of 55 miles this week,glass half full I'll be fresher for Sundays race in Saratoga,I guess you can't have your cake and eat it!

As a way of compromise I played against type on Friday and knocked out my 14 mile long run,another long run in the books at least and on the Pagan sabbath no less.....I really have been shaking up my routine recently!
Out the door by 4.45pm conditions were sunny and mild a cool and comfortable 61 degrees at 5.03pm as I hit the Schuylkill footpath it felt strange to be running on a Friday but not so strange that I couldn't see it becoming a regular thing,moving forward I can see Fridays and Saturdays getting utalized to free up my Sundays.......afterall isn't Sunday meant to be a "day of rest" afterall.....????

Originally the plan was to go out and back and do 13 miles but for the sake of another mile and say 8 minutes why not throw in another mile and do the loop and make it 14 miles?
As has been the norn for my "off season" mile no watch,circa 07-09 my former coach told me somedays it was better to just "run on feel" too often we as runners are are slaves to the watch/clock and sometimes it,s better to just run w/out one it worked rather well last Saturday for me when the lure of seeing my girlfriend in her Maid of Honour dress inspired me to run a 1.50 14 miler as oppossed to the bog standard 2.06 9 min mile 14 miler I might've ran a few weeks ago and Friday was to become more of the same.

I felt comfortable throughout the run w/ no hint of my pace untill passing the Art Museum on the southbound section of my run looking up at Peco Tower not only had I seen the temprature drop below 60 degrees for the first time in a while{59 degrees} but the time was 6.08 I had roughly three miles to go and there was no hint of slowing down or paying for my earlier pace,I arrived back home around 6.30pm roughly a 1.45 14 miler again at 8 min mile pace.....
What felt more remarkable to me was the fact todays run came off the back of getting up at 5am and putting in a full day at work clearly my strength is at a high level as I close in on week five of my off season,Sunday will be an eye opener to what I can do w/ no speed work to speak of since pre 5th Avenue Mile it'll be interesting to say the least!

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