Saturday, October 24, 2015

Have You Heard The One About The Two Irish Guys.........*

*Who didn't go into a bar but went for a run instead?....It's not Fiction It's a feckin true story!!!!

Ok so a little  catch up in order,I had to shelve plans to run both Wednesday & Thursday due to some absentmindedness on my part losing my debit card.
The old me might have said "feck it" and ran but the "rules have changed" in the last few months and being responsible as it's no longer "all about me" isn't a bad thing,sure I was bummed to miss out on a few runs but you know what? the sun still came up the next day,my legs didn't drop off and to quote the always quoteable Roy Keane{bows head in respect to the big fella!!}"Nobody died,life goes on".....

The fact I'm about to "retweak" my mileage {more on that next week} means losing a few runs this week isn't the end of the world,far from it but I still planned to "handle my business" Saturday which is where my good friend Gerry O Hara entered the equation.
Gerry and I have been friends for a few years now,we,re the same age,run the same distances,we,re both Paddies and share a few other traits.
We've talked about doing a run together for a while now and w/ two of Gerry's children here in Philly at University of Penn it makes that option a little easier.
Turns out this weekend is "Family Weekend" at Penn so Ger was in town and floated the idea of a Saturday run together,missed runs or not I would've been up for it but having "given my word" I wasn't about to renig on the offer,maybe  left to my own devices having missed a few runs I might've said "feck it" but having said yes it kept me honest and frankly I wanted to run period and "shoot the shit" w/ Ger so to that end I set ye olde alarm for 8am{almost unheard of on a weekend....WTF I get up at 5.09am on weekdays I can't lie in on the weekend.....DON'T make me play the "old man card" almost 52 I've earnt that privilege!!!} and was out the door by 8.35am.

Conditions were sunny but a tad brisk.....not unexpected for the arse end of October but shades,short sleeves and shorts were the order of the day.....there will be time enough for long sleeves,three quarter length bottoms etc in the coming weeks.
Down to Center City via Market St just as the bells were ringing for 9am.....just when I said I'd meet Ger in the hotel lobby.......Punctuality one of my Mothers traits that has stuck w/ me all these years....and one I'd like to keep in"my golf bag" so to speak
Warm greetings over Ger and I made our way up towards the trusty Art Museum Loop via the Ben Franklin Parkway....and resisted the urge to run up the Art Museum steps to the Rocky statue.....maybe next time Gerry is in town....or not I'm flexible w/ either option!!

Even at just gone 9am there were plenty of other runners out on the drives,it's fall Marathon season so I would guess lots of folk are getting their long run in,been there done that!
I don't get the option to run w/ other runners too often so it's always a nice change of pace{no pun intended!} to share a run period.
Like I said Gerry and I have a lot in common so we didn't lack conversation as we made our way up,around and back down to the hotel,like I said w/ two children at Penn Gerry will probably back in town sometime in the not so distance future and maybe we can tackle some of Belmont Plateau next time if the conditions are favourable.

Ran back home from Gerrys hotel to give me a 16 mile run,one of the more enjoyable 16 milers I've done in recent years,IF the mood takes me a 9 miler tomorrow will give me a  35 mile week and like I said come Monday I have some news re my mileage moving forward but for now it's time to take care of chores and spend sometime w/ my Honey is good!

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