Thursday, October 15, 2015

You Can't Always Get What You Want......But Sometimes You Get An Upgrade!

So, I sat out Tuesday, a little fatigue, a little bit late getting out of work and then having to schleep over to Piggy Post Office at 52nd & Kingsessing to pick up some of my Halloween stuff meant it was almost 5pm when I got home and the prospect of stretching and heading out for 13 miles wasn't pumping my nads so I sat it out.

Not the end of the world though,since I,m away in Saratoga this weekend the need to go food shopping Friday is null and void SO the option of a Friday run is in play for once.....yes flying in the face of the Pagan Sabbath but sometimes you have to say WTF....and do it.
Wednesday has in recent weeks become "Date Nite" which meant a 10 miler as oppossed to a 13 miler as it's poor form to keep a lady waiting but I was just happy to be out running.

Low 60s as I headed out the door around 4.35pm a little crisp compared to mid to high 70s we've been enjoying but still sleeveless weather who knows how much longer I can say that?
The rowers were out on the Schuylkill doing their thing this evening it always inspires me to see others putting their reps in even in a different discipline and makes me feel less alone in my own endevours even when "The Lonliness Of The Long Distance Runner" mindset is ruling the roost.

Give or take a 1.25 10 miler yes there was a need to push the pace a little this evening as I needed to be in and out of the shower and back out the door tout sweet,sadly our plans to enjoy the 40th anniversary showing of "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" fell through as the 7.30pm showing was sold out and frankly a 10pm showing "on a school night" wasn't really what either of us had in mind,no worries we went home listened to  some Siouxsie & The Banshees and The Cure over Tortilla Soup Tuna & Cheese Shells and Carrot Cake and had a long conversation about "life,love and the pursuit of eternal happiness"......not as knee slappingly funny as a Monty Python movie.......but isn't that why they invented dvds????

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