Monday, October 12, 2015

Having Ones {Wedding}Cake And Eat It

Not for the first nor will it be the last time I found myself switching out the Sunday long run of 14 miles to Saturday.
W/ a wedding to attend on Saturday afternoon and the prospect of having to schleep back home Sunday to take care of the long run I tweaked my schedule to allow myself the option of running Monday thro Thursday 10,10,9,12 and then crank out the 14 miler Saturday...done deal!

Out the door by 9.45am it was sunny but a tad brisk....then again we're almost half way through October so not a total surprize,still shorts and short sleeve weather but I suspect ye olde long sleeved shirts and 3/4 length bottoms will be getting pulled out of moth balls in the coming weeks.
As is to be expected in October something going on out on West River Drive as I made my way north towards Falls bridge,no worries a little zig zagging in and out like Simon Zebo running amock for Ireland in the Rugby World Cup and I was clear of the crowd.
As has been my won't during the off season I went "untimed" on this run so when I reached Falls bridge I had no clue to my half way split,maybe it was fast,maybe it was slow who knew what I did know was I felt comfortable which over 14 miles is always a plus!

Having observed from West River Dr a rowing event on the Schuykill I knew to expect some pedestrian trafic along Kelly worries more Simon Zebo weaving in and out of the crowd and rowing boats.
I know two weeks ago when I had to reroute due to the Papel visit I said I would consider Fairmount Park and Belmont Plateau for my long runs but today wasn't the day for detours etc,w/  the wedding to get to there was a sense of urgency to get done so sticking to the tried and tested was of the utmost importance.......he typed.......

No Peco Tower time display till 5pm so even coming down the Schuylkill banks I was still "in the dark" as to my pace/time for the run,unlike my week one 14 miler back on Sept 20th when I had to dig deep mentally and physically today at the close of week four I was feeling strong.......
Arrived back home feeling a sense of accomplishment not only my long run for the week but another 5 day/55mpw.....
Now I left "around" 9.45am prehaps a minute or two under,I was back in my appartment at....11.35am........fuckin ada!!!!
I had to have been clocking 8 min mile pace you figure 9 min miles at 14 miles is 2.06, I'd clocked "roughly" a 1.50 which would be 8 min miles......not too shabby if I say so myself......NEVER underestimate the power of seeing your nearest and dearest in a stunning red Maid Of Honour will do WONDERS for your pace trust me!!!

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