Thursday, October 1, 2015

Get In,Get Out Of The Rain

10 miler to wrap up September, a season high 165 miles for the month{and that was w/ a week off pre 5th Avenue Mile} as I racked up 1047 miles for the year to date.....I just missed 1,500 last year by 22 miles I'd like to take care of business this year.

Conditions were grey and overcast w/ the hint/threat of rain which forced me to go w/ my baseball cap rather than bandana and regular glases over shades,sleeveless won the day but for how much longer as today starts October I've already had a few late September  runs that the Short Sleeves had to be busted out.
On the road...ok sidewalk/pavement by 4.35pm while my mantra in week three of "off season" is not to worry about time/speed/pace last nite saw me w/ a little sence of urgency on my run.
One I wanted to try and beat the rain and two last nite was "date nite" and it's poor form to keep a lady waiting period muchless when you're the one making dinner so I had a extra ounce of determination about me to finish said run asap......notice I still got the run who point the finger and say not taking my training seriously be prepared for me to point the finger right back.....fully extended.........

I had the option of making it a 9 miler but coming into the run on 155 miles for the month I figured a nice round figure of 165 seemed better so opted for 10,if it pisses out of the heavens this evening I'll have one less mile to deal w/ it
W/ just over two miles to go it began to spritz, I've ran in far worse and will again and frankly the cool soft spritz felt comforting as I hammered my way back along the Schuylkill Banks towards the footpath and South St bridge and ultimately home.

Of course seldom is a run free of wankers.... I'm sorry motorists,case in point at the enterence to the dorms on Penn's campus I got caught at a red big in the general scheme of things as I patiently waited for my light......however WANKER decides red lights don't apply to her and rolls straight throught it....had I have "cheated" the light I'd have probably ended up as her hood ornament to which I informed her "it's only a red light....DICKHEAD!!!"  probably NOT the reaction she'd expect from an Ivy League campus but hey I graduated the school of Hard Knocks and while I may not have a degree,diploma or BA I DON'T  take bullshit either!

Run done, I was able to shower and "tart myself up" enough to be presentable to cook and serve dinner to my beloved,re runs,he cooks he cleans......#triplethreat

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