Thursday, July 30, 2015

Learning To Channel My Inner Billy Idol

Fuckin' ada! back to back 90 degree days,thank christ I'm out of Philla and the "Dog Days Of August" for 10 days between Aug 8th and the 17th for Lyon On Worlds!!!

Having taken care of business over 6 miles yesterday it was more of the same again today...I guess I should be delighted I'm in official taper mode and it's not 8 milers in this stiffling almost inferno type heat......NOT that 6 milers are that much better!
The plan originally was to make today a tempo run but the forecast was for 94 degrees{ it was actually 93 when I got out on the trusty Schuykill Banks and 91 on the inbound 3 miles ie hot enough!} I elected to just concentrate on getting the miles me the last thing I need is Heatstroke b4 Lyon and Worlds........

Thanks to Doug Murdoch I got access to an Exel Spread Sheet of the 88 M50 1,500m entries,my guess has been all along not all 88 will show up,there will be scratches due to illness and injury plus several runners are either doubling or even tripling but my guess is four heats of prelims on Aug 12th w/ the top three in each going through to Fridays final plus the four fastest losers making a sixteen man final.
Based on the spread sheet I'm ranked #20th w/ last years 4.21.4 time,factor in my recent 4.24.9 from Jacksonville I'm  ranked #27.......HOWEVER I can see times from the top #16 that were used for seeding that aren't as fast on current World Rankings{not that everyone ranks their time it should be pointed out!} so it's debatable I could on a wing and a prayer make the final providing the Running Gods smile on me.

Another hot one on tap this evening,another 6 miler that's three nites of 6 milers..666....uh oh someone's playing my theme tune......

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