Monday, August 3, 2015

Finishing Touches

So Thursdays planned easy 6 miler never happened,a combination of rain plus falling asleep in the recliner took care of that......maybe were I not in "taper mode" I'd have felt more inclined to get out and "get after it" once the rain stopped but w/ a day long trip to New York City on tap the following day it was prudent to get a trip to Aldi in.....or go w/out food/Gatorade/cat food/litter etc IF "taper mode" hadn't been in effect I think I'd have had no choice to to get out after Aldi but like I said w/ tapering in full effect missing a run didn't feel like the be all and end all.

An enjoyable time was spent all day in NYC on Friday culminating in catching the 8th and final U2 show at Madison Square Garden.
I've been a U2 fan for 34 years and this was my 13th show since seeing them for the first time back in November 84 the day after my 21st birthday and I have to say this was THE BEST U2 show I've seen,can't wait for them to come back again next year to either Philly or another New York Show.

Despite a 23.5 hour day{up at 5am zzzzs at 4.30am} I was up again by 11am and eventually out the door by 1pm for an easy 6 miler on Saturday  to nudge my weekly milage to 18 mpw.....I almost typed that w/ a  straight face.....
This left one final workout on the track on Sunday to finish the week off at 22mpw,a 6 lap warm up followed by 4x400m w/ 60 second recoveries followed by a 6 lap cool down.

Arrived at Lower Merion's high school track around 12.30pm,conditions were hot but NOT  a repeat of the "heat haze" coming off the track from mid June.
The goal coming in was 70 seconds and under for all four 400s...."go big or go home"went
Total time 4.41.91,just a hair off the 4.40 I was aiming for but close enough,a 4.41 mile equals a 4.23 1,500m which is a shade quicker than the 4.24.95 I ran in Jacksonville......

The "collective" hay is in the barn now,I'm as strong and fast as I'm gonna be heading to Lyon next Monday,I have three easy four mile runs on tap Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday b4 Fridays flight to London,I do plan an easy 5 miler through Blackheath and Charlton as a shake out run Sunday and also a nostalgia trip as the route I plan is past my old high school and upto Charlton Park where this all began 39 years ago when I won the school freshman 400m and 800m.....who knew 39 years later I'd be heading to Worlds........?

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