Thursday, August 6, 2015

Johnny Mcgrory The Sequal

Oh boy! it's been a while{thankfully!}since I had one of those days at work which required a much needed tension busting run post work.......yesterday was one such day it must be stated for the record!!!

I'll spare you the details but between the umpteenth call out from my co worker{who's also taking off Friday.....the same day I need to leave for the airport......!!!!!!} and my boss being about as much use as "tits on a bull" it's fair to say I wasn't having the best of days but ther prospect of a run,albeit only a 4 miler kept me sane enought till almost 5pm when at last I was able to feel the sun on my body and the wind in my face......prehaps the most rewarding moment of my day,GBTR #godblesstherun

Two down,one to go,another easy 4 miler on tap this evening b4 packing my bag for London and Lyon,tomorrow is "only a day away"...........
What? you were expecting some U2????

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