Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Running Away From What You Don't Understand

 I believe it was Roger Walters who once said and I quote"all in all it's just another brick in the wall"
and w/ that I upped my mileage another mile to get back to 8 miles,right where I was b4 the taper for Worlds.......and we all know how that ended up for me!!!!

At the start of the week the plan was  to go 7,7,8,8,4 to round me out at 34 miles going into Sundays Track Pentathlon albeit running Monday thro Friday......however as each day has passed since Sunday I've felt more comfortable upping my mileage, 6 miles Sunday,7 miles Monday and 8 miles yesterday so much so that I opted to go 9/10 Wednesday/Thursday,same mileage total of 34 miles but w/ an extra rest day Friday throw in for good measure now #smarterthantheaveragebear although if I'm running five races in 2.5 hours Sunday the question lingers how smart am I to begin w??

Yesterdays 8 miles felt fine,easy pace untimed,I don't forsee the step up to 9 miles this evening to pose any problems and it will be good to go 9/10 the next two runs as post 5th Avenue Mile on Sept 14th my weekly 55mpw will be broken down to:9,10,10,12,14 so getting 9s and 10s under my belt now will help w/ that transition.

Yesterday marked 30 years to the day I left Philly after my initial visit in the Summer of 85,it was one of the toughest days of my life back then but in the general scheme of things had to be done,30 years later Erica is an memory that tends to surface around the time of Erica anniversaries,ie Sunday mornings vivid dream about her 2 days b4 said anniversary,time tends not to stand still and maybe that's how it's meant to be,respect and remember your past but don't keep reliving it move on and make new memories........that's the plan.....

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