Friday, August 28, 2015

Out W/ The Old.......

My first 10 miler since June 19th if I'm not mistaken and right on schedule to keep me on pace for my first 5day/40mpw since the start of June by the look of it.
As well as logging said 10 miler and racking up mile 34 of the week I also put miles 396-406 on my Sketchers Go Bionic shoes which after today will be "put out to pasture" and become my day to day footwear b4 Sunday sees me bust out the new Sketches Go Run 4s I bought a while back.

Should I crush my planned 5 day/55mpw 6 week off season schedule I will need a new pair of shoes again by mid October,I'll probably go w/ the Sketchers Go Bionics again as I really liked them,having made the switch to Sketchers at the end of last year I must say I really like them,I think they were considered a bit of a novelty when they first started making running shoes but when Meb Keflezighi is your spokesperson you tend to get taken seriously #gomeb

So back into the routine of middle distance runs,back into the realm of getting out there 5 days a week which lends to 40mpw,all good groundwork for three weeks time when the 6 week off season and 9,10,10,12,14 mile runs will rule the roost

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