Friday, August 7, 2015

Johnny Mcgrory.....The Trilogy

A third and final easy 4 miler out and back along the Schuylkill Footpath to send me on my way to Lyon and Worlds.
Yesterday saw the 800s begin,I would have liked to run the 800m also but aside from more time in Lyon there was alao the schedule,800m prelim,800m semi,rest day,800m final,rest day,1,500m prelims,rest day,1,500m final so I opted to go w/ the 1,500m.....I'm sure my legs will thank me later!

A comfortable 85 degrees,after several 90 degree plus days it's been nice to see things cool off a little.......knowing my luck my return to these shores on  Aug 17th will no doubt coinside w/ a return to "the dog days of August"....but I've got enough to worry about between now and then,getting to Lyon muchless the other 87 M50 1,500m runners all vying to get on the podium.....

While the mileage may've dropped and the pace slowed this week the always white hot intensity level remained on full,numerous cyclists/motorists have borne the full brunt of my"it's a fuckin' red light" mantra complete w/  middle finger jesture{like peanut butter you can't have it w/out jelly,they go together!!} also the pratt talking on her phone at the intersection of 48th and Cedar Ave while looking under the dashboard......YEAH I'm stepping off the sidewalk into the street while you're 100% focused on the road!!!!!!
And finally "Fido" trying to take a bite out of my leg as I ran by at the intersection of 50th and Cedar........13 months of blood,sweat and tears down the pan cos Fido's owner isn't paying attention to her surrondings.........

Bon Voyage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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