Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Johnny Mcgrory

Will I tell ye the story of Johnny Mcgrory?Shall I begin it?Well that's all that's in it

Way back when,I bought the VHS tape of U2 ''The Unforgettable Fire Collection"  the promo videos off the album plus a short documentry on the making of "The Unforgettable Fire"
During the recording of the iconic "Pride{In The Name Of Love} Bono mentions to either Brian Eno or Daniel Lanois that he feels no sooner is in into the verse that he's into the chorus.
"It's a bit like the story of Johnny Mcgrory" says Bono"Will I tell ye the story of Johnny McGrory?Shall I begin it? Well that's all that's in it"
Basically it's over b4 it's even started.......which is kind of how I feel about my 4 mile runs,no sooner have I gotten into my stride I'm making an about face and heading home again,which is fine since I have back to back to back 4 milers ontap this week b4 flying to London enroute to Lyon for Worlds next week.

5pm b4 I was able to  get out there as I had work related stuff keeping me busy till gone 3.30pm b4 pre flight chores that needed taking care of.....then again it was only 4 miles which we've established is over in the blink of an eye.
It's been fun the last few days reading Facebook entries of fellow USA Masters athletes making their way to and arriving in Lyon for Worlds,my journey begins Friday nite w/ a 10pm flight home to London b4  a couple of days to unwind and then over the channel to France on Monday for Wednesdays 1,500m prelims......fingers crossed I advance to Fridays final but the closer we get to that the more I'll blog it.

For now a simple out and back along the Schuylkill Footpath,91 degrees,word has it next Wednesday in Lyon is going to be 95 degrees w/ the 1.500s scheduled to go off between 12.05pm and my 90 degree plus runs of late won't have been in vain will they.....!
Same distance,same Bat time,same Bat channel tomorrow!

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