Thursday, August 27, 2015

Still Climbing Jacob's Ladder

Continuing my climb back up the mileage ladder I notched  a 9 miler on Wednesday evening to put me at 24 miles for the week and 396 miles on my current running shoes,after tonites 10 miler I would imagine my new Sketchers Go Run 4s will debut on my mile/mile and a half warm up Sunday.

The steady daily mile increase in miles has proven easy enough although coming off the back of a few weeks of low mileage my legs are a little sore from  the spike in mileage but that's to be expected,providing I can take care of business this week and again next week and notch  5  day/40mpw the step up to 55 mpw come Sept 14th won't be such a shock to the system.

Nothing out the ordinary to blog from last nite,I can however report activiy on the campus of U Penn which confirms the end of Summer and the start of Fall,which also indicates my track season coming to an end,two more events b4 my 6 week "off season" and 3 race xc schedule for October/ November b4 I plan a rare foray onto the roads in December to tune up for the 2016 track season,proving if you stand still long enough you may miss something.....

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