Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rounding The Turn For Home....

Ok so I've been a slacker in the posting entries department of late,so here's a recap:
Fri Aug 14th On the day I should've been compeating in the M50 1,500m final in Lyon I conducted my last run on my old stompin' ground in South East London.......
Actually most of the run took place over the river in East London.....what the fuck I figured I'd slum it for 40 mins!!!!{tough talk from a South East Londoner now safely back home in Philly some 3,539 miles away.....but far away from some Eastend gangsta type to put a hit on me.....hopefully!!!}

Upon my return to this side of the Atlantic the plan was to "hit the ground running"......alas the ground hit back and knocked me flat on my can!
Tuesdays planned easy 8 miler to shake off the rust ended up being downgraded to a 5 miler as a combination of jet lag and the heat and humidity did me in.

Sadly I lost my way a little the next few days,blame it on being "blissfully distracted" if you like but come the weekend the plan was to hit the track at Lower Merion Saturday and "go long" Sunday.....I did neither,however inspired by Usain Bolt's 100m victory in Beijing I did manage an impromptu 6 miler which served as a catalystic rallying call for yours truly.

W/ my competitive season winding down {GPTC Track Pentathlon this Sunday and 5th Avenue Mile two weeks later}it wuld be all too easy to say "feck it" and use the Lyon debarcle as an excuse to throw the towel in.......BOLLOCKS TO THAT!!!!!
I can do fuck all about Lyon and Worlds,that ship has sailed{SS Titanic anyone???} but IF  I'm serious about Perth next November I need to begin to lay the foundations now.
Clearly what I did in the last 12 months wasn't enough to lower my 4.21.4 from last year to be in w/ a remote shot of a bronze in Lyon,given the distance to travel to Perth next Fall I don't antispiate the caliber of Lyon where minus David Heath's freakish 4.01.5 the sliver and bronze were won in 4.15.8/4.17.0,that said they were still a country mile ahead of my 4.21.4 from last year and 4.24.9 this year SO I have my work cut out for me over the next 14 months and no better time to start than now!

Easy 7 miler to kick off the week,the plan is to notch 34 miles b4 Sundays Track Pentathlon where w/ a 1.5 warm up and 1 mile cool down I can log 6 miles for a 40mpw,it felt good to be back out on the Schuylkill Banks,Peco Tower wasn't displaying the time and temp last nite so I have no idea how hot it was....or wasn't but as August winds down and w/ it the "Dog Days" become a memory I know September and Fall are just around the next corner......I'm planning on meeting them head on,to quote an old Steve Earle song "The Revolution Starts Now"......

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