Friday, April 19, 2013

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Steady on Jeeves! back to back to back 6 miles.......someone may mistake me for a real runner if I keep this lark up!!!
Following another of my all to recent lapses in training I was hell bent on getting stuck in again....for what feels like the umpteenth time in the last eight months however Monday's proposed 6 miler out and back along the Schuylkill Banks got scuppered b4 it had a chance to begin.....

In the freakiest of accidents I somehow managed to lodge a splinter into my left heal on the weekend and me being me it was in  location I couldn't quite reach,the prospect of my heal striking the ground repeatedly over a 6 mile run w/ a splinter stuck in it didn't inspire me to "lace em up" so I sat down on the recliner and turned on the tv......the news of the carnage from Boston was front and center.....
The following day splinter or no splinter I was determined to run,I made a cushion for the affected area to minimize the discomfort and headed out for my run
In a symbol of solidarity to the fallen in Boston I dug out my 05 Boston marathon dri fit shirt,my small token gesture to those who had lost their lives and limbs the day b4,I knew up and down the nation and probably world wide runners were doing something to honour the victims,prayers,lighting candles,running maybe all three I opted to pray and run.

Wednesday saw me back out there again this time dealing w/ something I haven't dealt w/ since August or September....71 degree heat.
It's funny how when your not in full blown running/training mode the fundamentals can slip through the cracks,I knew it was going to a warm afternoon and yet I didn't hydrate sufficiently during the course of the day so I had nobody but myself to blame for the soft shoe shuffle along the Schuylkill Banks, not that time was the be all and end all of the run but I was 3.04 slower than Tuesday,frankly I was just happy to finish and enjoy a pint of Strawberry milk and a cold shower,when I called it a nite at 9pm I knew I was beat....but not beaten!

Throughout yesterday my legs felt heavy,something I haven't experienced for a while mainly because I just haven't pushed the envelope that hard,however something that has alarmingly become natural is running up the white flag.
W/ heavy legs and then heavy eyes on the trolley ride home I found myself in an all too frequent scenario of saying to myself"I'm tired,I don't feel like running this afternoon".......even I know that's bollocks but somehow over the last several months I've allowed that inner voice to call the shots way too often,reaching into my "Inner Cher" I remembered in the late 80's/early 90's when Cher was the spokesperson for Ballys health club and one of her commericals was her  saying "we can all find excuses for not going to the gym,but that's all they are,excuses".....
And w/ that I wasn't taking a "zen like" attitude w/ my recliner and becoming one w/ it,I was dressed in my running gear and out the door for a third crack at this route in three days.

I thought about the victims of Boston,how some of them may never run again and here I am fannying around claiming my legs are sore....PLEASE!!! not only did I reach Lloyd Hall{my turnaround point} 16 seconds up on yesterday but I  proceeded to take almost 5 minutes off of Wednesdays time...not bad for someone who felt tired and was whining about heavy legs!!!!
Hopefully this weekend will see me continue to do what I'm meant to do,get the run in and then worry about the rest of my day,it's like the old AC/DC song says"It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll" and I  was born to rock....and run......recess is over class school is in session!

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