Monday, April 29, 2013

Evolution,Not Revolution

Since I'm sans pc at home here's a three day recap of the past weekend.
Friday A Kodak moment if ever there was one,yours truly in Friday training run at 11!!!
Like I said in a previous entry I need to mix things up and be flexible if I want my cake and eat it so after the "technical difficulties" on Thursday w/ the pc I had no option but to run on Friday if I wanted another 30 mile week,to be honest it was a mild change of pace to run on a Friday and I enjoyed my jaunt by "the old lady" Franklin Field w/ the Penn Relays going on inside......even if that meant a change of plan for tomorrow.....

Saturday W/ lower Spruce St,Franklin Field and probably South St bridge all more congested than a 40 a day smoker w/ emphysema in the dead of winter I knew I needed a plan b for my run.
A number of options were available to me,not to run.....which wasn't an option,revisit my old haunt Cobbs Creek Parkway which I didn't really fancy,loop around Clark Park which felt like a backwards step  OR here's a novel idea got to a track.......
My trips to any track in the past eight months have been few and far between but thankfully I could still remember my way to Temple's track w/out consulting a map or looking up directions online!!
I do plan to reintroduce repeats and a tempo run into my rotation in a few weeks time so rather than throw myself"in at the deep end" I opted to run 6 miles on the track to see what kind of pace I could hold.
Sadly a stopwatch malfunction on lap 1 of the 24 laps meant I missed my opening split and rather than start again I opted to run the first mile untimed and then time the final 5 miles/20 laps.
34.34 for the final 5 miles which means more or less sub 7 minute pace,not great if I was running track this season but I'll take for a marathon AND it should be pointed out it's late April,I have till late October to lower than to 6.5,6,5.5 so all in all a good lunchtimes work.

Sunday nice easy 6 miler to get the gunk out of my legs from the 6 miles on the track on Saturday,back to back 30 mile weeks....when could I last lay claim to that fact?
29 weeks till Philly,a lot of work and a lot of miles to be ran between now and then but these past two weeks have felt like I'm committed to the cause again,something sadly lacking for the previous eight months,next step upping the 6 milers to 8 miles.

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