Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Eight Is Enough......For Now

Sat out Monday due to the rain and also as part of my schedule,having just completed back to back 5x6 milers at 30 mpw it might've been overly ambitious to suddenly leap to 6x8 milers at 48 miles a week,w/ 28 weeks till D Day {Philly Marathon} time is a commodity I have an abundance of so for the next two weeks I plan to run 5x8 miles for 40 mpw b4 reintroducing 6 day weeks plus a weekly tempo run and weekly repeats which will round out at 50 mpw and will remain my bench mark till mid July b4 I tweak things in prep for the marathon.

After "one of those days" at work the prospect of a gentle 8 miler felt like "just what the doctor ordered" a nice stress buster.....that said it didn't stop me from having a "few choice words" for the Lance Armstrong wannabe who was under the illusion the Schuylkill Banks were his own personal Tour De France time trial......jerk off!! or the pedestrian on the South Street bridge who saw me coming but refused to yield the inside rail  as whatever was on her iPhone at the time was far more important to her,I know you had ear buds in but I do hope you heard me utter the C word in your direction....

In terms of stepping up from 6 miles to 8 miles,no worries reached the turnaround at the 1 mile marker in 37 mins and change{at 30.00 my stop watch drops the seconds into smaller type so sometimes it hard to actually read what my split is not that it's omni important as at this stage of the game it more about getting the miles in} and I finished in 76.28,one down a few dozen more to go till July 15th!!!

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