Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Out Of Our Hands....

You can always rely on me to make a Breakfast Club/John Bender reference when ever the opportunity presents its self!!!,but we'll get to that in a bit
First off I sat out Tuesday,a combination of fatigue as Groundhog Day at work seems hell bent on repeating its self this week plus the threat of rain{it didn't!} and a bit of jip w/ my right achilles.
At this point in time I feel the only thing standing between me and the Philly marathon in November is my right achilles which acts up from time to time,rest,ice and good ole anti inflammatorys will hopefully keep any issues at bay but where as this week I had some leeway w/ a day off next week when I begin to run 6 days a week that option isn't there......we'll have to see what happens and cut ones cloth accordingly.

By burning thro my token rest day on Tuesday I had effectively scuppered my chance to watch the all important Chelski Spurs game yesterday,w/ next seasons Champions League places riding on the outcome I wasn't sure if I could handle the stress of watching the second half when I got home around 4pm so I figured maybe going out for my run might help alleviate theory anyways!!!
It's hard to focus on what's in front of you when your mind and heart are 3,500 miles away in South West London although I did get a chuckle out of the fact that yet again the steps at Market St along the Schuylkill Banks another pissing contest almost came to life......
I say almost because when I realized the runner to my left hand side was trying to make a move on me my first reaction was to let him go.....this lasted a nano second b4 I narrowed my eyes and thought "not today bub!" and promptly dropped him w/in a few strides,I was cognisant of his footsteps behind me for a few meters b4 hearing nothing.
Home and first order of business turning on the tv to check the result......2.2 it's a result that effectively means we must rely on either Chelski and or arsenal to drop points in their final two games while Spurs must win both of our games to finish 4th,like I said we don't control our destiny 100% now,nothing like having to hope for favours from other teams,somehow I feel my claim that it's all go to the wire next Sunday on the final game of the season is about to ring true.....

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