Friday, May 17, 2013

When All Else Fails,Plan B

It is often said " a week is a long time in Politics".....a day in running can sometimes be an eternity!!
Tuesday I cruised thro my 8 miler w/out a second thought to anything....Wednesday however......!!!!!
I was bereft of knee lift and leg turnover and had to dig deep both mentally and physically to grind out the final 2 miles,it lacked grace,style and finesse but the bottom line was I got through it....barely but after 37 years and counting of running I've come accept that somedays are like that and you just have to deal w/ them and move on.........

Yesterdays run began well enough but sure enough by the time I reached the banks there was a sense of dejavu as my knee lift and leg turnover had once again gone south on me......
I had to wrestle w/ carrying on which frankly at 2.5 miles in was a no brainer,if I stopped now I'd have to turn around and walk the 2.5 miles home which frankly didn't sit well so my options were,A make this a 6 miler and hope whatever was ailing me would be gone come the weekend as I then would have to run back to back 9 milers to ensure a 40 mile week or B suck it up,grind it out and stay on 8 mile schedule today,Saturday and Sunday.......
In running as is in life I went w/ Plan B and once again dug deep like my forefathers had when they dug the railroads in this land,nobody likes a quitter and remarkably as slowly as I was running I still managed to overtake a handful of runners,either I wasn't having as bad a day as I thought  OR the people I overtook were running incredibly slow!!!
As I approached the up ramp of the foot bridge off of the banks and into Millward Park I heard footsteps behind me,as tough a day I was having my pride and ego kicked in and I dropped my would be overtaker in a heartbeat.....meaning I upped the pace and not turned around and slugged him I may've been having a bad day but there was no need to resort to mindless violence!!!

I got my answer to the problem a few hours after my run,lets just say if my pee had been bricks Dorothy,Tin Man,Scarecrow and the Lion would have been in the bowl looking for OZ!!!!
I used to be SO good at drinking lots of water and keeping myself hydrated but somehow I've fallen out of that habit,it'll be interesting to see if after  drinking more water than I have been drinking of late how Saturdays run goes,I suspect my knee lift and leg turnover will fare much better,I've drunk almost 64 oz today I need to keep that up if I don't wish to repeat the last two days.

So what does a photo of leggy Vegas showgirls have to do w/ running you may ask?,as I said in running as is in life when all else fails go w/ Plan B and for the last several years my Plan B for life has been........
"To move to Las Vegas,have a series of tawdry and bawdy affairs w/ leggy Vegas showgirls and go out in a haze of publicity and a huge smile on my face!!!!!!!"
As Plan B's go I think it's a damn good one and w/ 50 now less than 6 months away I think that's ''Bucket List" material if ever there was!!!!!

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Adam Cooper said...

Haha- and here I thought NOT keeping pace/outrunning the guys behind you was the plan.

And seriously, I thought there was going to be yet another Philly drag-queen story during this somewhere...I suppose at least Vegas ups the odds of it not being a dude rather significantly. :)