Friday, May 3, 2013

No! No!! No!!!

Ok so just because I have a music blog doesn't mean "runningfree" will be devoid of the occasional music reference,the iconic OMD song "Tesla Girls" summed up yesterdays run......
NO pissing contests,NO stop watch,NO knee lift,NO leg turnover,NO worries!!!!!!

After another beat down at work  I was about ready for the knackers yard or glue factory by the time I got home but frankly if I'm planning to run 26.2 miles in November then running on tired legs seems like it goes w/ the territory so w/out a second thought or seconds hesitation it was out of my work clothes and into my running gear and out the door for 8 miler #3.
Granted,I had the option of taking a rest day and then running tomorrow but after the week I've had this week at work I was keen  to grind it out so that Friday will be my traditional "rest day" which means after picking up groceries I can kick back for a couple of hours and enjoy some music "Music Fridays" are big in my house!!

What yesterday lacked in the style and grace department was made up for w/ grit and determination,a few short weeks ago I might've just bagged it and said "I'm tired" but I know that's bullshit.....truth be told I knew it was bullshit then,difference is now I'm willing to grind it out.

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