Monday, May 6, 2013

Sing This W/ Me,This Is 40

Back to back 8 milers on the weekend to give me a 40 mile week...hence the tip of the hat to U2 and their classic song "40"
Saturday Out by 12.30pm after another agonizing Spurs game I needed the run just to get some relief!!!
We do love to make things hard on ourselves,and w/ time ticking down at 0.0 it looked like we were about to drop valuable points at home.....4 mins from time up popped Gareth Bale{who else??!!} to fire in the only goal of the game.....and throw in an old Monty Python quote"and the quest for the holy grail continues" the Holy Grail being a top 4 finish and a place in next seasons Champions League.

Sunday A slightly earlier start 11am,while the masses were no doubt converging on Broad St for the Broad St Ten Miler I opted against it.
Back in the day the Broad St Run was a fun race to do,I'm pretty sure my 10 mile pr is from Broad St and one year I even snagged an age group award  but this was when the race was only 10,000 which even then meant having to get as close to the front as possible to get a decent start,now w/ 40,000 runners I can't begin to imagine what it's like to run it,to put things in perspective the field at the recent Boston marathon was somewhere between 24,000-26,000 but that's over 26 miles,40,000 people over a point to point 10 mile wonder I haven't ran it since 05.

All in all a good week,the transition from 30mpw to 40mpw felt pretty seemless,hopefully this up coming week will go as smoothly b4 I really get serious w/ 6 day weeks and 50mpw next week......

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