Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Moving Out

"Forde In Monday Run Sensation"!!!!Film at 11........
Yes,having side stepped a Monday run for whatever reason in the three previous weeks I made sure to get out the door yesterday so as not to make a habit of sitting out Mondays period but also make sure I "made hay while the sun shone",there's showers in the forecast the next couple of days which may force me to sit out a day depending on how hard it rains so why sit out a day when there was no good reason not to run?

So I happened  to notice this last week that there's a lot of moving activity on and off UPenn's campus my guess would be finals are done and students are heading back home for the summer b4 the returning Seniors,Juniors and Sophomore head back in late August along w/ the new Freshman class.
I do and I don't envy todays college students,I wish I'd made more of my high school education that's for sure,higher education was NEVER an option for me although I do wonder IF I had've grown up here in America w/ the same athletic talent I had back home in London would I have gone to collage,I guess the bigger question is would I have had the grades and or the money?
While I secretly may envy those who got a college education I don't envy them paying off their college tuition fees,much less finding suitable employment when college is over.

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