Monday, May 13, 2013

Hindsight Is Twenty Twenty

W/ a little more hindsight I guess I would've notched another 40 mile week however I cut my cloth a tad too thin and had to settle for 32 mpw.
I didn't blog on Friday following Thursdays 8 miler my butt was still draggin' from Thursdays Peter Murphy show at The Troc and somedays trying to complete two blogs during work hours proves to be a handful.
All I can say of Thursdays run is that the "Joe Montana" wannabee on the corner of 40th and Baltimore better hope he doesn't pull his pump fake motion on me again when I'm running towards him or he'll discover the hard way what it's like to get run the fuck over w/out any "quarterback protection"!!!!

Following Thursdays Peter Murphy gig I was back out again on Friday nites 80's nite at Sex Dwarf,having recently vacated Club Fluid the 5 hour retro dance party has now moved to the Ruby Lounge at Voyeur but unlike Fluid where we danced from 9pm to 2am it's now 10pm to 3am.
W/ hindsight maybe I should've ran either Tuesday when I sat out a day or Friday and maybe if fatigue from the Peter Murphy show hadn't set in an easy 8 miler b4 a nite of clubbin' and dancin'  was the way to go because frankly dancing till 3am and getting home round 4am meant I was pretty much toast on Saturday and the area of movement I covered Saturday was from my bedroom to the living room w/ a few trips to the kitchen and bathroom,I think it would've taken an act of Congress and or a mechanical crane to move me off the recliner on Saturday!!

Sunday I had to make up for my FOD {Fuck Off Day} w/ trips to the supermarket and laundry since A I like to eat and B have clean clothes but I did manage an 8 miler in the afternoon something I haven't done for a while but sometimes it's good to shake up the routine.
Bummed as I am at missing a second 40 mile week it's far from the end of the world but it did teach me to look at the bigger picture next time I find my social schedule w/ back to back nites out and plan my training schedule a little better,in all honesty I thought I'd be able to get up and run on Saturday and if it had just been the dance party I think it would've happened but the concert the nite b4 just proved to be a nite out too many.....see even at almost 50 you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!

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